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Est. March 20, 1997

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Nancy Imelda Schafer
Spyder's Empire



NOTE: If you are interested in apply for the Phenomenal Women Of The Web® (PWOTW®), please read—and understand this page first.

This is a seal and membership given to Women and Young Women on the Internet with outstanding pages. Pages of Excellence, and Honor. It is not given out to everyone that applies. There are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners. Please don't think of the seal of the PWOTW as an award... it is not.

I have written the Official Creed & Poem of the PWOTW below. It is comprised of things I devoutly believe in as a woman, a mother, and a human being. It is what I believe to be the foundation of a good person. Read it below. If you agree, please go on and apply for the "Phenomenal Women Of The Web" seal.


Here are the goals and morals I have set for myself,
and pass them on to my child - they have become:

~ The Phenomenal Women Of The Web Creed ~
By Nancy Imelda Schafer

My ideals about being a Woman and a Mother to my child.
It is my requirement to bring her up the best I can.
That is not an easy job in today's world.
I want her to know right from wrong.
I want her to question the answers, and when she believes them to be wrong,
to stand up for herself and ask for an explanation why.
If she makes a mistake, to admit it and apologize promptly.
I will encourage her to be anything that she wants to be.
Sure, she can be a Nurse, but why not be the Doctor,
or be the Lawyer instead of the Secretary?
I want her to know... she has no limits or restrictions of who she can be.
I hope when she is my age, she is not judged on the shape of her legs,
but on the depth of her skills, and the goodness in her soul.

I want her to know that there is much, much more to a Woman than being a housewife,
and if a Man tells her that is the way it is, to tell him to hit the road Jack!
I also want her to know, that if SHE chooses to be a housewife,
that it is a FULL TIME JOB,
and should NOT be discounted.
I want her to know, that it is a crime against anyone to be assaulted,
and if it happens to her, to pack her bags and leave after the first slap.

I want her to love music and art as I do.
It is a way for her to see the world through the eyes and words of another.
I want her to know that bigotry and hatred are unacceptable behavior.
I want her to enjoy and understand the differences in the people of the world,
and not to judge someone because they appear different from her.
Black, white, fat, thin, tall, short.
Learning that we are all different, but all bleed red,
EARLY in her life, is probably the foundation to all of the above.

The two things I want most for her in life...

First, to have common sense.

Second... to love.
To simply be able to love.


~ The Phenomenal Women Of The Web Poem ~
By Nancy Imelda Schafer

All women are diverse and complex as snowflakes.
Let no person ever be so narrow minded,
That they do not see the other's beauty and form
Because they think their own is the only pattern.

The challenge of the mind, bears the fruit of knowledge.
Reach high girls, and grow into strong women.
There are no bounds to learning - if the reach is constant and determined.
A women rich within herself, is a Phenomenal Women.


PhenomenalWomen.com Mission Statement

"The foundation, mission, and core of PhenomenalWomen.com is; tolerance; understanding; and diversity towards others - for all women worldwide.

The women who are accepted into the Phenomenal Women Of The Web, have outstanding websites. The women come from all walks of life and so their websites vary greatly. Accepted members of the Phenomenal Women of the Web are unique in their beliefs, faiths, and lifestyles - yet are tolerant of another point of view besides their own. Let no person ever think that their point of view, belief, lifestyle, and/or faith is the one and only way and must be shared by everyone. One can reference the events of September 11, 2001 to reinforce this statement of prejudice, hate and intolerance towards other cultures, their beliefs and religions. Diversity yields acceptance; acceptance yields peace; peace yields understanding, understanding yields love. Intolerance and ignorance towards another person because they do not share your opinion, belief, lifestyle or faith represents a closed mind, and a closed mind is an empty, lonely and self-destructive mind."


I feel I must also add this, as this seal has grown and is on many websites. Along with the applications, come comments that need to be addressed:

"I am not a mother and hope I qualify."
"I don't have a daughter, I have boys. The Creed is written only for girls"

The creed above is not all about being a mother, it is about being a Woman. The Woman who YOU are to yourself, and how you present yourself to the world. Straight, gay, bi-sexual, black, white, and all the hues in-between, make us who we are. Healthy, handicapped, working or at home, we ARE the women of the world.

It is not about having daughters, but is about ALL children. Any parent wants the best for their son or daughter, and the values I have written about, are what I strive for on a daily basis with my child. If I had a son, I would instill in him the basic principles of being a decent human being. Kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, and laughter. To always look at both sides of things before making a decision, and to keep an open mind. In keeping an open mind, you say to the world, yes, I want to hear about you, I want to grow. Growth makes us Phenomenal, and a voice to be heard.

NOTE: January 10, 1998- As of this date, no sites dealing with D/s will be considered or accepted into the PWOTW. You may read further here for an explanation why.

Do you agree with that?
If you do...

Apply for Membership and Seal of
 "The Phenomenal Women Of The Web"

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